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MORE GUNS Opening Night

The NRA Is here to save the day - through song and dance! 

Ron Barkley is the head lobbyist for the NRA, and his life is real tough -- his daughter is a liberal socialist with a penchant for protests, and for some reason, the entire country is all up in arms about gun control. But when Ron prays to God for divine intervention, he receives a magical gun that turns people -- into guns. Because after all, if you've got problems, the solution is always More Guns! With songs like "Good Guy With a Gun," "Everybody Do the Lobby!" and "Liberal Love," More Guns! gleefully satirizes the NRA, the "woke" left, and all those boring moderates in between. See this fun show for the whole family -- and by whole family we mean adults only -- at the Zephyr Theatre in West Hollywood.

Later Event: June 2