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the boy who couldn't grow up

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MORE GUNS! My new musical comedy about the NRA

Michael and I started writing MORE GUNS, The NRA Musical, after Charleston. That was over three years ago now. We would get busy, and other things would come up and our writing would slow down. And like clockwork, there would be another shooting, and another ridiculous piece of propaganda from the NRA, and we would feel compelled to meet up again and keep writing. I know it's a dumb satire show, that it won't get everything right and won't fix the problems, but it's the closest thing I have to a way to talk about what's wrong with our country in a way that doesn't make people shut off or stop listening. Our show is heartfelt, and bipartisan, and very very funny, and you should come see it!





Philip Labes is an actor and musician. He's studied Brando and Beethoven. Now he lives in LA, makes electro-pop music, and acts in film and on TV. He's written musicals and been staffed for TV shows.

It's pretty early days - all the best is yet to come.


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